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List of allies and other characters in Codename: Kids Next Door – Noise Reduction Earphones Manufact


Anna Worthington

First appearance: Operation: President

Anna Worthington is the President of the Fourth Class for the life of a secretary. She is the granddaughter of the cold and asked for a favor at least once. This was the first stop with the wonderful children in the activities of the presidential election work in the hope that President Jimmy small school in the city. Working with disabilities and Jimmy Snow defense KND agents released from the shackles, as it turned out that Jimmy had a feeling Lizzie Devine. McAfee Anndi voice.

Boys Next Door

Only apparently, "Operation: The Future"

Boys Next Door (BND) is a group of boys who represent the new generation of children is an alternate reality. Instead of struggling to adults and children in hand, but the BND in the war against the other sex, which is led by the evil Lady Margaret and her army of girls in the final battle between the sexes. Led by an earlier

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