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Infertility is not able to conceive after a year of research. Or six months if the woman is 35 years old or more. Women of childbearing age, but can not be pregnant, sterile.

The pregnancy is the result of a process that involves several steps. Help for pregnant women:

A woman has an egg from one of her ovaries (ovulation) release, the eggs must have to join to the oviduct to the uterus (womb) of human sperm (fertilization) to egg on the way to a fertilized egg in the uterus (implantation) fix

Infertility can occur when there are problems with each of these stages.


There are many causes of infertility? And yes, there are many factors that can go wrong, and sexual intercourse for the next period may seem a miracle that no one is pregnant!

In 35% of cases the cause of infertility in women, 35% of cases the cause is male, have about 20% of all couples problems with men, women and the remaining 10%? If there are problems, however, remains barren.

Causes of infertility in women ??????

Endometriosis PCOS Ovulation problems of the female reproductive system of pipes bad egg

The causes of male infertility ??????

The heads of the male reproductive system problems with their sperm? or sperm

Infertility in connection ??????

In about 10-20% of couples where both partners have a problem that contributes to infertility. The term is also used when a man or a woman has a big problem.

Unexplained infertility ?????? (UI)

Many couples (10%), fertility tests a lot, but there were no problems on both sides.? It is possible that such factors as:

under the weight of the most important factors in the environment, such as exposure to pesticides or cable, for example in the treatment of infertility doctor?.

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